Flamenco dress Modell SOL lycra and lace

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The professional flamenco dress model 8 is another favorite of the flamenco dancers. 

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179,00 €

  • Lined until knees (extra cost of 6 EUR )
  • Not lined, just one layer of textile (same price)

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The professional flamenco skirt and top, model 8 is another favorite of the flamenco dancers. It has four frills around the skirt that generate very much movement especially while the turns. This model is thought for shows. The cut is more straight it has less flight than other models but it is possible to rise easily for the parts of stamping. Thanks to its straight cut does not emphasizes the hip.

We make variations of this model  depending on as we place the frills, for example model 8/peak, in the frontal part the frills do a nice peak.

The professional flamenco skirt model 8 is available in our textiles : lycra or stretch velvet and also the  Special Edition textiles.

It is possible to order in sizes: XS - with the length 90, S - With the length 95, M With the length 95, L - with the length 95.

The skirt always has a high waist of 15-17cm that can be doubled, or to use like high skirt.

It is possible to line up to the knee for an extra 6€ cost.

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